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When you're ready to invest in yourself and your home, I help you through the process of making your home a reflection of your heart and soul so that you can fuss less and enjoy life more.


Invest in Your Nest Consultation

An Invest in Your Nest Consultation helps you realize the full potential of your home by maximizing your available space and boosting functionality. A thorough evaluation of each space creates continuity throughout your home for a more cohesive living experience.

I make the most of your investment by making the right choices the first time. I incorporate cherished treasures that speak to your heart. I'll help you choose furnishings that work for you. When each space feels balanced you create a sense of peace...fussing less and enjoying life more.

You receive years of professional insight, expertise earned on the job and the creativity of a Magpie that helps you create your dream space.

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Home Staging for Resale

You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Magpie Interiors can help you put your best foot forward when you are ready to sell your home. This gives you the best chance of selling quickly with a higher selling price.

Don't guess what is going to draw buyers. List with the confidence that comes from knowing you are presenting the best side of your real estate.


Kitchen and Bath Design

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Make it a haven with functional design and personalized style.

I evaluate your storage needs and lifestyle factors to create the kitchen of your dreams...a place you enjoy working in.

It doesn't matter if you give Wolfang Puck a run for his money or a Microwaved dinner is the best you can do...You will definitely fuss less and enjoy life more.


Closet or Pantry Design

Do you have an avelanche every time you pull out your favorite sweater? Search for matching shoes day afer day? Can't seem to find that special blouse?

What if you knew exactly where to lay hands on your matching shoes or belt and there was a seperate space for all types of clothing...Shelves for sweaters or T's, Hang bars for dresses and coats and shorter space for blouses and dress shirts. What about drawers for socks and underwear?

You certainly wouldn't waste and time getting ready to go out. Magpie Interiors can help you create a closet that is so organized you may never be late again.


Floor Plans

So you know what you like, but do you know what fits in your space?

A scaled floorplan for your home or office will tell you exactly what size and how many pieces of furniture will fit in your available space.

Don't risk restocking fees or getting stuck with furniture that just doesn't work in your space. A good space plan assures a good flow and function to any room.

Let Magpie Interiors take the guess work out of buying furniture for your home or office so you don't need an antacid to make it through the day.


Window Treatment

Have you ever noticed how window treatments seem to be the finishing touch on a room?

The right blind or valance can put you at ease or make you sigh with contentment, but the wrong one takes you back in time to visiting at Grandma's house.

Magpie Interiors helps you discover what window treatments should feel like, (and its never sandpaper).

Book a Wonderful Windows Consultatation today...'sigh'



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